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Did you know that you can use your technical background in the practice of law? In fact, to be able to help others get patents for their ideas, you have to have a science or an engineering degree.

Notre Dame offers three ways for you to turn your technical degree into a legal career. The Master of Science in Patent Law is a one-academic-year on Notre Dame’s campus. We also offer two Certificates in Patent Prosecution – one at our classroom building in downtown Chicago, and one online. Any of these courses of study will teach you the information that you’ll need to pass the USPTO’s patent bar, and the skills that you’ll need to practice as a patent agent.

Check out our MSPL curriculum and our Certificate curriculum to discover what you’ll learn. Meet our faculty. Browse our blog for information about why patents are so important, to learn what’s going on in the program, and to meet our students. If you’re interested in learning more, click below to request more information; and we’ll contact you personally within a couple of days.

America’s economy is increasingly focused on innovation-driven products, which are usually protected from theft by patents. Despite an exponential increase in new patent filings, the number of new patent agents and patent attorneys registering with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has remained steady over the past five years. Join us at the MS in Patent Law, or in one of our Certificates, to become part of this sought-after group of technical and legal professionals.

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Monetizing a Patent Portfolio

Author: Catherine Kennedy

An excerpt from a new article by Professor Karen Deak:

Why monetize a patent portfolio?
In short, companies exist to make money, and patents are a tool in the toolkit of revenue generation. Usually, sales of patented products are used to recoup the costs of the R&D that went into developing that product, and/or to fund a new round of R&D for the next innovative product.

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