Online Certificate in Patent Prosecution


The Certificate in Patent Prosecution is a 12-credit curriculum, which is a subset of the classes from the MS in Patent Law. The courses you take are essentially the same, whether you take them online or in the MS in Patent Law at Notre Dame.

The Certificate is designed for working professionals who can’t relocate to Notre Dame for an academic year. Certificate students learn the basics of patent law, and the important skills that a patent agent will need to have: how to write a patent application, how to negotiate with the US Patent Office on behalf of an inventor, how to determine whether an invention is patentable, and the ethical obligations of a patent agent.

The online Certificate courses blend synchronous (live) interaction and asynchronous (pre-recorded) lectures, to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for our busy students. Courses in our online Certificate run on a traditional academic schedule. You can take courses as your personal schedule allows: as long as you complete the 12 credits by the end of the third year after you take your first class, you’ll get your Certificate. (And you are billed as you take courses, so you can spread the cost out, too!)

Online Certificate students are also invited to participate in our annual Spring Break trip with students from all of our patent law curricula, and have a couple of special cohort building activities all to themselves.